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Symbolic activity helps us, together with friends and family, express our deepest thoughts and feelings about life’s most important events. 

Dr. Alan D Wolfelt



Using my creative background and training in the arts to craft bespoke ceremonies.

When someone dies it can be overwhelming and may feel as though we have also lost a part of ourselves.  Using my creative background and training in the arts I will work with you to help create a meaningful and moving ceremony to honour the person who has died and to support you in your grief. I do this by creating bespoke ceremonies that put the person who has died at the heart of the ritual to start the process of gently saying goodbye. 


The funeral marks the beginning of a transition in which we learn to live without the person who has died.  By carefully crafting a ceremony with input from family or friends we create a safe space to start the process of gently saying goodbye in a way this is supported, guided and full of meaning. Whatever your requirements I am able to help you to realise your ideal creative ceremony.

I aim to create art filled experiences that put into words our deepest feelings to honour our relationship with our dead loved ones. I work collaboratively with family and friends to create a unique and personalsed experience that holds the person who as died at the centre of the ceremony.


Designing specific shared creative activities in a ceremony such as writing on a pebble or a stone, tying ribbons to a tree, writing goodbye messages on the coffin or posting a card in a memory box can help to ease the burden of grief and connect us to others. Grief can be lonely. Shaping art filled rituals can be a meaningful way to do something with the void and emptiness often felt in grief.


I am a civil funeral celebrant accredited by The Celebrants Collective with a lifelong background in the arts and education. 

What does a funeral celebrant do?

  • Following initial contact I will arrange a meeting with you to listen carefully to the words of your family or friends and start to craft a bespoke ceremony that is absolutely fitting for the person who has died.  

  • In partnership with you I will write a Eulogy, suggest readings that tell the story of the person who has died that respects their ethics and values.  

  • I will guide you in thinking about ways to personalise the ceremony, sharing  ideas and drawing on my experience and expertise as an artist. 

  • Liaise with those involved in the ceremony, for example, anyone who will be reading a tribute, poem, or piece of prose, to ensure all goes smoothly.

  • I will be there to advise on practical matters, such as the amount of time available for the ceremony at the crematorium or burial ground. 

  • A draft funeral transcript will be sent to you to make any changes that you wish.

  • Most importantly I will be there on the day to greet you, lead the ceremony and hold the space so that you can allow yourself time to start saying goodbye in a way that honours your grief.


Standard Funeral Ceremony £250 which includes:

  • Meeting with the chosen spokesperson (a family member of friend) to listen and draw out the story of the person who has died.

  • Guide you in creative ways to personalise the ceremony

  • Write a ceremony and eulogy in partnership with you

  • Send a draft copy to you to make any changes

  • Lead the ceremony on the day

  • Give you a copy of the transcript to share with family and friends.

Memorial Ceremony starts at £300 (£200 if I conducted the funeral ceremony)

Please pop into the gallery on Saturday's between 12.00 - 16.00 for a free consultation to discuss how we can work together or call Lucy Willow on 07802 404258 to make an appointment.